Your professional cosmetic packaging solution provider.

Jafaya Packaging designs and creates besboke luxury packaging. Our biggest strength is the wealth of knowledge and know-how we have accrued over nearly 40 years of working in precision manufacturing.

Based in Taiwan, we are a leader in the Asian market as a sourcing and production option for numerous local firms. We also supply a vast number of international firms that have sought our expertise when looking to create such things as unique beauty components, luxury gift packaging, jewellery boxes, premium packaging for exclusive teas, and more.

Jafaya provides:

  • Custom branded packaging - We can combine plastic containers with a wide array of decoration techniques and other materials (such as metal or paper) to achieve just about any design that offers the correct look and feel as specified by the customer.
  • Standard packaging lines - If you require a more economical solution, we offer a number of standard packaging lines that are sure to fall within your budget. All of our basic lines can still be rendered completely unique thanks to our top notch design team and decoration facilities.

Many of our components are found in high street shops and boutiques, for all sorts of international brands.

We also feature prominently in many local businesses, as we believe it's important to be a part of our local culture.

We want to be true to our roots and our heritage and by being an active firm in our community, we ensure a prosperous society, full of opportunities for growth and progression.

If you'd like to see what we're up to these days, we recommend reading our blog, with information on our latest developments and at what shows you'll be able to meet us.


Jafaya Packaging takes ordinary packaging concepts and makes them extraordinary.